vtk-tcl: Tcl bindings for VTK.

Name:vtk-tcl Vendor:GFD-DENNOU Club
Version:5.0.3 License:BSD style
Release:4dc URL:
VTK - the Visualization Toolkit is an object oriented, high level library that allows one to easily write C++ programs, Tcl, Python and Java scripts that do 3D visualization. This package provides the shared libraries that enable one to use VTK via Tcl scripts. This version also provides the vtkTkRenderWindow class. This package does not require the vtk package to be installed. The library needs OpenGL to render the graphics and for Linux machines Mesa is necessary. The terms/copyright can be read in /usr/share/doc/vtk-tcl-5.0.3-4dc/README.html. VTK-Linux-HOWTO has information about using vtk, getting documentation or help and instructions on building VTK. This package is relocatable.

Arch: x86_64

Build Date:Fri Feb 1 16:04:12 2008
Size:4.63 MiB


* Thu Dec 20 03:00:00 2007 KOSHIRO Tsuyoshi <koshiro{%}gfd-dennou{*}org> 5.0.3-4dc
- minor change for the detection of the distribution
* Sat Jul 28 03:00:00 2007 KOSHIRO Tsuyoshi <koshiro{%}gfd-dennou{*}org> 5.0.3-3dc
- rebuild for yum-updated packages.
* Tue Jun 12 03:00:00 2007 KOSHIRO Tsuyoshi <koshiro{%}gfd-dennou{*}org> 5.0.3-2dc
- made minor changes to condition branches (%if ~ %else ~ %endif)

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