vtk-examples: C++, Tcl and Python example programs/scripts for VTK.

Name:vtk-examples Vendor:GFD-DENNOU Club
Version:5.0.3 License:BSD style
Release:4dc URL:
This package contains all the examples from the VTK source. To compile the C++ examples you will need to install the vtk-devel package as well. The Python and Tcl examples can be run with the corresponding packages (vtk-python, vtk-tcl).

Arch: x86_64

Build Date:Fri Feb 1 16:04:12 2008
Size:6.51 MiB


* Thu Dec 20 03:00:00 2007 KOSHIRO Tsuyoshi <koshiro{%}gfd-dennou{*}org> 5.0.3-4dc
- minor change for the detection of the distribution
* Sat Jul 28 03:00:00 2007 KOSHIRO Tsuyoshi <koshiro{%}gfd-dennou{*}org> 5.0.3-3dc
- rebuild for yum-updated packages.
* Tue Jun 12 03:00:00 2007 KOSHIRO Tsuyoshi <koshiro{%}gfd-dennou{*}org> 5.0.3-2dc
- made minor changes to condition branches (%if ~ %else ~ %endif)

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