gave: a gtk+ based grid data analyser and viewer writen on Ruby

Name:gave Vendor:GFD-DENNOU Club
Version:1.2.2 License:GPL
Release:6dc URL:

Arch: noarch

Build Date:Fri Feb 1 14:57:37 2008
Size:128 KiB


* Sat Nov 17 03:00:00 2007 KOSHIRO Tsuyoshi <koshiro{%}gfd-dennou{*}org> 1.2.2-6dc
- minor change for the detection of the distribution
* Tue Aug 21 03:00:00 2007 KOSHIRO Tsuyoshi <koshiro{%}gfd-dennou{*}org> 1.2.2-5dc
- remove Requires: vtk-ruby
* Tue Jun 12 03:00:00 2007 KOSHIRO Tsuyoshi <koshiro{%}gfd-dennou{*}org> 1.2.2-4dc
- (for Fedora)
  Requires: ruby-gtk2, ruby-atk, ruby-glib2, ruby-gdkpixbuf2, ruby-pango
  Requires: ruby-gnome2, ruby-gconf2, ruby-gnomecanvas2
  Requires: ruby-gnomeprint2, ruby-gnomeprintui2, ruby-gnomevfs, ruby-gtkhtml2
  Requires: ruby-gtksourceview, ruby-libart2, ruby-panelapplet2, ruby-rsvg
  Requires: ruby-libglade2, ruby-gtkglext
- (for Vine 3.2)
  Requires: ruby-gtk2, ruby-gnome2, ruby-libglade2
- (for Vine 4.1)
  Requires: ruby-gtk2, ruby-gnome2, ruby-libglade2, ruby-gtkglext

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