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Dennou Ruby Products Installation Guide

Last modified: Mon, 09 Mar 2015 14:24:49 +0900

Here we explain how to install Dennou Ruby products.


RPM (for Vine Linux [i386], Fedora [i386][x86_64], and CentOS [i386][x86_64]) and deb (for Debian GNU/Linux [i386]) packages are available. They are recommended for users of these distributions. You can much easily install them via apt or yum package handling utility. (Superuser permission is required.)


Ports are available.

Mac OS X

Fink and MacPorts packages are available.


Download tarballs, compile source code, and install by yourself. See the homepage of each product.

(NumRu Installer is not maintained now.)


RubyGems package are available. You need to preinstall dependency C libraries.


Binary packages for Windows are available. If you use Ruby on Cygwin, you can use binary packages for Cygwin.


Actually this is not installation to an existent system, you can experience the Dennou Ruby World on the virtual machine. The VMware image containing Dennou Ruby products is available.


You can boot from CD and enjoy Dennou Ruby World. The LiveCD containing Dennou Ruby products is available.

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