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Dennou Ruby product Cygwin binaries

Last modified: Sat, 25 Jan 2014 16:23:28 JST

Cygwin binary packages of Dennou Ruby products are available. You can install them using Cygwin GUI installer called "setup-x86.exe".

First, you should see the page "Cygwin installation guide for using Dennou Ruby products" and set up your Cygwin environment.

Package list

Packages here were checked with Cygwin DLL (cygwin1.dll) 1.7.18 on Windows 7, and have not been tested on any other environment. You can check your Cygwin DLL version to use following command:

$ uname -r

Because these packages are required recent released libraries (e.g. GNOME2 libraries), we recommend to update your Cygwin environment to the latest version.

Cygwin binary packages (checked with Cygwin DLL 1.7.18)
* Packages which have a link to web page on their name have been developed outside Dennou Ruby Project.

* fftw2 is obsolete. (FFTW2 support is removed from ruby-narray-0.5.9.) [2006/09/13]
* Installation directory (prefix) has changed: /usr/local --> /usr
Document file directory is located in /usr/share/doc/. [2006/03/01]
* Installation directory for Ruby libraries has changed: /usr/local/lib/site_ruby/1.8/ --> /usr/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8/
You no longer need to set the environment variable "RUBYLIB". [2006/01/15]
* fftw is obsolete. Use fftw3 and fftw3-dev, which are Cygwin official packages, instead. (When you use setup-x86.exe, uninstallation of fftw and installation of fftw3/fftw3-dev are automatically done.) [2006/01/15]

Installation with Cygwin Setup

First, you should see the page "Cygwin installation guide for using Dennou Ruby products" and set up your Cygwin environment.

1. Execute setup-x86.exe.

From 2008, setup-x86.exe changed not to allow downloads from non-authenticated sources.

To allow downloads from non-authenticated sources, type

setup-x86.exe -X

in Command Prompt, or create a shortcut icon:

  1. Create a shortcut of setup-x86.exe
  2. Open the property dialog and edit the link textbox: "C:\.......\setup-x86.exe" -X
  3. Click the shortcut

Now you can download Dennou Ruby products via setup-x86.exe.

2. Cygwin Setup

And then proceed installation same as "Cygwin installation guide for using Dennou Ruby products".

2. Add Dennou Server to download sites.

Choose Download Site(s)

You can select multiple sites. Now the download site chosen on previous installation is already selected. Type in text box, and click "Add" button.

3. Select packages.

Select Packages

You can choose new category "Dennou-Ruby". Change "Default" to "Install". You can install all packages of Dennou Ruby products.

Click "Next", and then installation starts.

Test run

Type following on Cygwin terminal:


X server and xterm are comming up.

Demo programs or test scripts are available in /usr/share/doc/(each package name)/. Execute them.

GAVE on Cygwin/X
GAVE on Cygwin/X

Other information

Package components of Ruby-GNOME2

Ruby-GNOME2 package available here does not include all Ruby bindings of GNOME2 libraries, because source code of Ruby-GNOME2 has compiled with only Cygwin official packages installed from default mirror sites of setup-x86.exe.

Now Ruby-GNOME2 cygwin package here includes Ruby/GLib2, Ruby/ATK, Ruby/Pango, Ruby/GdkPixbuf2, Ruby/GTK2, Ruby/GConf2, RubyGNOME2, Ruby/GnomeCanvas2, Ruby/GnomePrint, Ruby/GnomePrintUI, Ruby/GnomeVFS, Ruby/GtkHtml2, Ruby/Libart2, and Ruby/Libglade2. These bindings are enough to use all functions of GAVE.

Rebase problem

If you suffer from the rebase problem like following;

D:\cygwin\bin\ruby.exe: *** unable to remap D:\cygwin\bin\cygssl.dll to same address as parent(0xDF0000) != 0xE00000

use following command to rebase DLLs:

$ rebaseall

You have to install package "rebase" from Cygwin setup-x86.exe.

This problem is due to Cygwin's fork(). Read /usr/share/doc/Cygwin/rebase-x.x.README for detail.

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