A model for typhoon track (beta-gyre effect)

  • Behavior of a localized vortex on a 2-dimensional barotropic beta plane. Illustration of "beta-gyre effect" explaining a track of typhoons
  • A localized votex with differnt strength is placed at the center of the computational domain and its time development is calculated.
    • Weak vortex
      • The response propagates left-right (east-west).
    • Moderate vortex
      • The vortex moves left-upward (north-westward).
    • Strong vortex
      • The vortex moves left (westward) after travelling left-upward (north-westward).
  • Souce program
  • Script for execution. Edit this file in order to modify the experimental paremeters.
  • For execution of the program,

    $ spmfrt plbaro-beta_rn4expcs_betagyre.f90 -o plbaro-beta_rn4expcs_betagyre.out

    $ ./plbaro-beta_rn4expcs_betagyre-1.sh