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[dennou-ruby:001824] GPhys 0.3.3 released


GPhys をバージョンアップしました(ver.0.3.3)。


  * GrADSサポートの強化 (by水田)
  * transpose メソッドの追加 (GPhys,Grid,VArray)
  * GGraph改善と若干のオプション追加(y軸に単位を書く場合、
  * FFT前処理メソッド追加 (detrend & cos-taper)
  * その他細かなメソッド追加、改良とデバグ

以下、ChangeLog より詳細です:

Fri Aug  9  2004   T Horinouchi
	* gphys-0.3.3 released (cvs tag gphys-0_3_3)
	* grid.rb: delete_axes: to allow dimension specification by name(s)
	* axis.rb(,gphys.rb): added Axis#to_gphys(datavary1d=nil), which
	  makes a 1D GPhys object using the axis. By default, the axis's
	  coordinate variable is used as the data.
	  Its test program was added to gphys.rb.
	* ggraph.rb: contour,tone: added transpose option to exchange x&y axes.
        * grid.rb,varray.rb,gphys.rb: added transpose method.
	* varray.rb: added VArray#del_att. VArray#coerce: support UNumeric.
          asin, atan etc: units of the return value set to 'rad' (it was '1')
	* unumeric.rb: debug in expection messaging in UNumeric#convert2
          Math funcs such as log&sin: to return UNumeric (instead of Numeric).
          Added atan2.
          asin, atan etc: units of the return value set to 'rad' (it was '1')
Fri Jul 16  2004   T Horinouchi
	* ggraph.rb: 
	  axes -- to set the uz parameter 'roffxt', when units of the left
	  y axis is to be written to avoid the overlay with the title.
	  line -- added a new parameter 'label'
Thu Jul 15  2004   T Horinouchi
	* gphys_fft.rb: added GPhys#detrend, GPhys#cos_taper, 
	  and GPhys::COS_TAPER_SP_FACTOR (==1/0.875)
Thu Jul 15  2004   R Mizuta
	* grads_gridded.rb: created natts, get_att, and att_names
Thu Jun 10  2004   T Horinouchi
	* grads_gridded.rb: treat cray_32bit_ieee as bigendian
Thu May 24  2004   R Mizuta
	* coordtransform.rb: bug fixed