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[dennou-ruby:001012] Re: RubyNetCDF ver.0.3.2 released

Dear the NetCDF developpers,

My colleagues and I have made an interface of the NetCDF library 
for the interpreted, object-oriented language Ruby
(http://www.ruby-lang.org/). Ruby is similar to Python, but is
arguably better than Python in many aspects. Its use is now
getting popular explosively (especially in Japan but in other
countries as well).

Please find our Ruby interface at


This interface covers (or is intended to cover) the entire
functions of the C library of NetCDF. Also availabe are
combination functions such as itterators (which offer abstract
ways to scan files and variables).  Numeric arrays are handled
by the "NArray" multi-dimensional array class, which is becoming
the de facto standard multi-dimensional array for Ruby as is
NumPy for Python.

I would appreciate it if a link to the address above is made in
the NetCDF homepage. I would also appreciate comments and

Best regards,

Takeshi Horinouchi  --  horinout@xxxxxx
Radio Science Center for Space and Atmosphere (RASC)
Kyoto Univ., Uji, 611-0011, Japan