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[dennou-ruby:000841] Re: Data processing with Ruby


さっそく Thomas さんから返事が来ましたのでお見せします:

From: Dave Thomas <Dave@xxxxxx>
Subject: Data processing with Ruby
Date: 19 Sep 2001 06:49:26 -0500

> Takeshi-san:
> Thank you very much for spending the time to explain your use of Ruby
> processing large volumes of data. This is exactly the kind of story I
> was looking for.
> On Friday I'll be speaking to a group of scientists at a NASA research
> facility in the US. Part of their work is the processing of large
> volumes of data from wind tunnel experiments (they operate a number of
> hypersonic wind tunnels at the site). They are looking for ways of
> reducing the overhead of writing programs to process all this data,
> and it sounds like your approach of using Ruby might well help.
> Thank you again for the information.
> Dave Thomas