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[dennou-ruby:000684] Re: 合同大会予稿


> Development of tools for multidimensional data analysis and visualization
> with
> the object-oriented language Ruby

前言撤回で申し訳ないけど、multidimensional が data にかかるのか
analysis にかかるのか曖昧なので、

analyses and visualization of multidimensional data

> Numerical computing speed in the multidimensional array class is

Computational speed with the multidimensional array class is

> such as mathematic operations.

> In this presentation, we will describe an overview
> and current developmental status and our future plan.   

... and ... and ... は避けるのが無難。
なんかそれでもまだ awkward かな。describe と overview の食い合わ

In this talk, we will present an overview,
current status of the development, and our future plan.


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